It’s My Vote – I Will Be Heard

Every election is important–you already know that.  I urge you to read today’s email from Lisa Maatz, AAUW’s Vice President of Government Relations and Advocacy. A portion of this message is posted here:

Research shows voters are more likely to participate if you make it easy. They’re also more likely to vote if someone personally asks them to do so. Here’s everything voters need to turn out on Election Day. Just forward this email forward this email to friends, family, neighbors, and contacts to encourage them to speak their minds at the polls!

Logistics. From where to go to what to bring, here’s everything you need to know about Election Day. Voting laws have changed across the country — don’t let your friends and family be caught flatfooted, and worse, disenfranchised. If you need a ride to the polls or want to offer one, visit CarpoolVote.

Candidates. Who’s on your ballot and where do they stand on the issues affecting women and their families? The AAUW Action Fund’s 2016 Voter Guides offer head-to-head candidate comparisons on a wide range of issues for many Gubernatorial, Senate, and House races, while our Congressional Voting Record documents incumbents’ records on priority issues.

Issues. Ballot measures can advance or undermine policies that help working families. We’ve put together this handy guide to ballot initiatives in select states.

Help. Have questions about the voting process and your rights? Experience or see problems at the polls? The Election Protection website and hotline (866.OUR.VOTE) are available to assist voters across the country. Use it!

There’s too much at stake for women to let others make decisions for us — and when we don’t vote, that’s exactly what we do. Help make sure our voices are heard November 8 and beyond — it’s time to GET OUT THE VOTE!

Enough said.

Ruth Yurchuck, Communications Committee Chair