One Member, One Vote

The AAUW National Election is now underway. All AAUW members are eligible to elect candidates for the Board of Directors and vote on the  proposed Public Policy Program and bylaws amendments. Everything you need to know about the election process, candidates, issues, and proposed changes to the public policy program and amendments to the bylaws can be found in the Spring 2017 AAUW Outlook election section.

If you are unable to vote online, the preferred method, you may request a paper ballot before May 4; call 800.326.2289 with your name, member ID, city and state. All ballots must be postmarked by May 29. Online voting ends on June 15 at 9 pm.

Only a small percentage of members actually voted in the last national election. We can do better! Review the materials in Outlook or online at the AAUW national election site. Please vote to shape the future of AAUW.