Don’t forget to submit your comments about the proposed national bylaws

Now through 11:59 p.m. ET on March 22, 2018, you can comment on the amendments recommended by the AAUW Governance Committee and AAUW Board of Directors and propose amendments that you’d like to see on the ballot for the AAUW vote this spring.

There are three proposed bylaws amendments to consider: 1. Staggered terms of office for AAUW Board of Directors on a 3-year rotation; 2. Membership requirement for AAUW Board of Directors; and 3. Degree requirement for membership in AAUW. It is easy to submit a comment by logging in and click on the proposal you wish to address.
Your name and location will be added when you submit your comments.

Our Branch has taken no official position on any of these proposals but review the rationales provided and support or reject any or all of them.