AAUW and you… … can shape the future for women and girls.  Become part of a prestigious women-led organization that gets things done.

Why should I join AAUW?

    • Belong to a community of people who value education and equal rights.
    • Know what’s happening.  AAUW’s award winning magazine, AAUW Outlook, and AAUW in Action deliver close-ups of the women behind women’s rights.
    • Understand the issues. AAUW’s website, the Get the Facts program, and policy briefs alert you to congressional action that affects women and their families and touches your life.
    • Increase your buying power.  Take advantage of discount magazines, dental and supplementary health insurance programs.

As a member of the Atlanta Branch you will participate…

    • …in local programs that contribute to education and equity for women and girls.
    • …with other exceptional people like you and develop relationships that can stimulate a lifetime of personal and professional growth.
    • …in fundraising for local scholarships, local community grants and activities as well as for the AAUW Legal Advocacy Fund.
    • …in Signature Projects being developed.

Join Atlanta Branch.